V & O offers an extensive selection of fences and fencing accessories.  We do barbed wire fence, lattice fence, pool fencing, horse fencing and much more.  Our competitive pricing, pristine work and solid reputation is rapidly turning

V & O into a major player.  Organizations' can count on a job well done that is completed on time and on budget.   

Warehouse Fencing


Overpass, Highway & Road Chain Link Installation.


Commercial fence in uniondale

Municipal fencing is constantly in demand.  We here at V & O are proud to work with our public officials and public servants to secure our communities and public projects.  Securing highways, roads, airports and other facilities is essential for public safety.  We install Guardrails and many types of safety fencing. 

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A commercial enterprise requires security.  V & O has been helping big and small companies with their fencing solutions for many years.  Business owners can feel confident in labor and material that guarantees customer satisfaction.  

Overpass, Highway & Road Chain Link Installation.
Guardrail Installation

Industrial, Municipal & Government Works

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Schools, parks and other public or private works come to V & O for a personable fencing experience.  We do baseball backstops, basketball courts, tennis courts, golf courses and any perimeter fencing in general.  It is a joy for us to have the opportunity to serve our community.  Recreational facilities and similar complexes can expect a timely, professional and affordable service.