Our line of low-maintenance, high-quality ornamental aluminum fencing is a great alternative to traditional wrought-iron fence. We offer a complete line of handsome, durable, easy-care styles in multiple residential grades.  Our fence styles can be specifically designed to comply with BOCA codes for swimming pool safety, while providing an attractive and secure enclosure. 



Puppy Fence

Protect your pets & keep out local wildlife.

Pool Fence

Customize your fence to meet local safety statutes.


Ornamental Vinyl

Ornamental vinyl fences combine PVC/Vinyl and Aluminum products to create a strong fence that requires little maintenance.  There are extensive color, style and texture options available.  Every ornamental vinyl fence is custom made to your specifications.


Trex posts are made of a composite (wood/vinyl) material that retains the wood's texture and the vinyl's maintenance free properties.  Composite materials are highly durable and can be used with aluminum fence sections to produce an aesthetic effect.          


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