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Improve the privacy and look of your chain link fence with Fencing Slats.  Slats are  weather resistant, enhance privacy and act as an anti-scaling deterrent. 

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Fence privacy screens and wind screen fabric weaves are made of high density waterproof polyethylene materials; shade tarp with grommets greatly reduces wind at ground level and makes a great privacy screen or sun shade.

Chain Link Screens

With correct planning and use of quality warehouse fencing and partitions- setting up a secure economical facility that for safety and storage is quick and easy.  Galvanized steel chain link systems are commonly used to create machinery enclosures and enclosed work spaces to ensure product and employee safety.

Chain link security cages, industrial machine enclosures, and warehouse dividers can be a useful part of ensuring product quality, security, and safety for your warehouse personnel and equipment. Chain link partitions allow maximum visibility and unrestricted air circulation, light and fire control systems.

They have a wide range of uses including closing in a parameter around sensitive or hazardous machinery, robotics, conveyors or any other area that requires prohibited or limited entry from personnel. These security enclosures can also be used to maintain a safe distance from the workflow area.

Available in: Black, Brown, Green, White or Silver

Chain Link Fence

Cost Effectiveness

One of the major benefits of a barbed wire fence is that it is one of the most cost effective types of fencing available in the market these days. Not only it’s installation is inexpensive, its maintenance is also easy and the protection it offers is unmatched.


Manufacturers of barbed wires are committed to make these durable and strong so that they can protect the enclosed area easily. As the barbed wire fence is used to protect different types of properties, their specification requirements can be different.  This fence is highly customizeable; it’s customized specifications include parameters such as diameter of wire, length of the edges, size of the edges, height, etc.

Warehouse Fencing

High Security


Chain Link Fences by V & O represents the highest in industry standards.  Chain-link can be vinyl coated in black, green, white or brown to blend with your landscape.  We offer mesh, post rail guards and other accessories on all our projects. Our Vinyl Systems are warranted against cracking, peeling or splitting for 12 full years. Our high tensile steel is galvanized inside and outside with pure zinc for protection from rust, chemicals and weathering.





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Chain Link Screens

Chain Link Screens

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