V & O's line of welded wire fences are perfect for projects that require full visibility but need a more attractive profile than chain-link. This fence system provides unobstructed visibility, aesthetics and security while delivering a value added fencing solution.

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Welded Wire


      Cantilever Gates

Like the V Groove slide gate, the industrial cantilever slide gate opens by sliding sideways to make way for incoming and outgoing vehicles. Unlike other industrial slide gate designs, the cantilever slide gate is not guided by rollers along a ground track. Instead, the cantilever gate is moved sideways and back via roller trucks or roller wheels mounted to gate posts.

Aluminum cantilever gates use enclosed track and sealed roller bearing truck assemblies. Steel cantilever gates use exposed rollers and galvanized steel gate frames. When steel cantilever gates are used, the rollers should have guards to eliminate pinch points.

Tymetal cantilever gates are always aluminum. The aluminum will not rust and gives an excellent maintenance-free mill finish appearance (or powder coating also available). The roller truck assemblies in aluminum cantilever gates are surrounded by enclosed track along one or both sides of the gate frame. These roller truck assemblies (with sealed roller bearings) allow the gate to be easily pushed or pulled sideways, parallel to the fence itself.


Chain Link gates by V & O represents the highest in industry standards.  Chain-link can be vinyl coated in black, green, white or brown to blend with your landscape.  We offer windscreens, post rail guards, slats, barbed wire and other accessories on all our projects. Our Vinyl Systems are warrantied against cracking, peeling or splitting for 12 full years. Our high tensile steel is galvanized inside and outside with pure zinc for protection from rust, chemicals and weathering.

          Swing Gates

The Heavy Duty swing gate is more like a door in that it opens at one end and typically extends 90 degrees when fully open (swing options are 90 degrees each way or 180 degrees one way). The gate can swing inside or out, and it can have one or two leaves. However, the swing gate can be hazardous at unmanned, unmarked entrances because of its ability to swing outward, unlike slide gates, which are pulled sideways and align against a fence.

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  Sliding Gates

Of all the different industrial security gates, the V-Groove rolling slide gate – alternately known as the rolling gate – is a common design at commercial facilities. When it opens, the gate moves sideways to the left or right and aligns parallel to the fence as vehicles enter. The movement is achieved with roller wheels along the underside of the gate, which slide over a V groove ground track that holds the gate in alignment as it opens and closes.

However, rolling tracks can get obstructed by dirt and debris (or snow and ice in winter conditions). The rolling wheels, due to their location at ground level, are subject to premature wear and damage, which suggests V Groove gates should be used where high use is not required. Maintenance needs are high on V Groove gates.


Aluminum gates by V & O can be made for municipal, commercial or industrial applications.  Our aluminum products come in many colors, styles and grades.  Aluminum resists corrosion, fading, discoloring, and never needs painting.  Low-maintenance, durable and affordable.

Our steel gates represent the strongest and most durable products our company can offer.  All gates are made custom for each project and can be upgraded with various accessories. 

Chain Link