PVC or vinyl gates are heavy-duty and can be acquired in a variety of  colors, styles and textures for customized fencing designs.  Our PVC is made of 100% virgin plastic and is manufactured with an aluminum core for extra durability.  PVC models can bring the privacy and security you desire, while contributing aesthetic beauty to the surroundings of a home. 

WHITE        ALMOND          GREY               TAN             KHAKI

Choose Your Colors..

For extra color & pattern options check out our Grand Illusions or Bufftech products.  Our Interstate products offer affordable woodbond patterns.   

Steel Reinforcements





Spindle Regular

Our PVC/Vinyl railings are reinforced with steel pipes in the posts, steel H-channels in the top railings & steel u-channels in the bottom railings to provide the utmost strength and durability.

Vinyl/aluminum Railings

Vinyl/Glass Railings

Vinyl/SS Cable Railings

ADA Railings

           ADA Vinyl Handrails are an important addition when installing vinyl railing on a staircase, ramp, or walkway.  Our ADA Aluminum Handrail helps you meet code requirements by providing a smooth, continuous, and graspable surface.  ADA Vinyl Handrails can matche your vinyl railing color and enhances safety without compromising the visual appeal of your rail. This rail installs easily without welding, and there’s no need to paint.

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