You may have an area you want absolutely secured from intrusion.   Welded wire fencing is one of the most heavy duty and impenetrable fence on the market.  The first thing that stands out about welded wire fencing is that it can be purchased in many thicknesses for your needs.  The fence is built in cross sections of welded steel and generally has to be installed by professionals.  The fence can also be made at any height, depending on the fence's purpose.

Welded wire fencing is one of the most stable fence structures on the market, as it is constructed from steel, and the actual posts that hold it up are mounted into the ground equally as deep with cement footings. These types of fences, depending on the thickness of its weave, can even take impacts from vehicles without showing much in the way of damage.

The main thing people will notice at first glance about welded wire fencing is the unobstructed view.  These fences are very sturdy, weather retardant and require little maintenance.  They are installed to last a lifetime and function well as warehouse partitions. 

Welded Wire Gates

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